Lenovo ThinkPad X121e (E 350) + Ubuntu 11.04 = nearly perfect match!

After using some large and heavy laptop for development and testing – a Cybersystem SR17 with Nvidia 8800M GTX – my core usage pattern changed towards mobility and writing/presenting. I wanted to have a 12″ notebook and looked for feasible (= effortable) alternatives in this market. Via Notebook Journal I investigated a bit and finally went for the Lenovo ThinkPad X121e with AMD E-350, 4 GB RAM and 320 GB HD for 365€ without OS. As I always wanted to go for Linux-only on my notebook I went for Ubuntu 11.04 as OS which proofed quite suiteable. Nearly everything worked out of the box, leaving out WLAN issues after hibernate/suspend.

Make sure to align the partitions for performance reasons as described here. Additionally, stable WLAN with the Realtek RTL8188CE required the new (4.0816.2011) Linux drivers from the RealTek support site. For 3D graphics performance make sure to use the restricted ATI fglrx driver and check via terminal command fglrxinfo.

The more complex part is typicall enterprise integration, typically Exchange integration needed, and private usage, e.g. Google calendar. I always used Thunderbird as e-mail client, so I looked for solutions usable with it. Mail integration is typical not much of an issue given IMAP is possible, but the integration of multiple business and private calendars in a homogeneous view is. If you require Exchange calendar support, have a look on this extension. Scalix calendars support CalDAV, so the Lightning add-on for Thunderbird does the trick in combination with the Provider for Google Calendar add-on. The needed Scalix URL has the following structure http(s)://host/api/dav/Calendars/Users/user@domain/Calendar


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