Windows Mobile 7?

Due my recent professional move I switched again my mobile phone – from a Google Nexus (Android) to a HTC HD7 (Windows Phone).
The overall quality of the phone is good – especially the 5 MP camera surprised me positively. I quickly found my favorite apps on it as well

  • Öffi Guide (as Qando replacement)
  • Next2Car (as Car2Go app)
  • netbanking
  • TV Spielfilm (as local TV station guide)
  • Cineplexx (as local cinema app)
  • Sype and facebook (for social media)

and the tile concept is quite useful. But the major drawback for me are the quite inflexible and just high-level app options (given my detailed Android experience), the horrible maps application as well as the app update frequency (quite slow)! Different synchronization profiles are not supported as an absolute MUST-HAVE! Summary: Nice business phone but not more 😦

Update: Tried to update my HTC HD7 with the cable trick – didn’t work out, but Win 7.8 update worked like a charm with this tool.



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