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Pilgrimage to Mariazell

March 12, 2012

After taking 7 times one of the eastern routes (book tip: “Pilgerwege nach Mariazell: Band Ost & Nord” by Fritz and Erika Käfer) to Mariazell over Mamauwiese (nice place to stay overnight by the way) via Frein an der Mürz and Schöneben we are going for a partial northern route this time (originally 7 days hike). From St. Pölten over Kaiserkogel and Türnitz to Mariazell – 3 days, 85 km. Try to book your accommodation early, especially when you want to go during Pentecost and just stay for one night. Took me half a day to get it right for 11 pilgrims.

Next years we are going to explore western and southern routes to Mariazell well described in “Pilgerwege nach Mariazell: Band West & Süd”.


Mind over matter – 24 hours hiking

March 6, 2010

I recently discovered the 24-hours-hike experience in Bavaria on my way back to Vienna from Berlin. Although I’m not that sporty, I think I can do it based on my experiences during my 900 km hike in 30 days on the Camino and hope to experience again some kind of “mind over matter”.

I’m going for it together with a friend of mine who also joins in regularly on the yearly 2-3 days pilgrimage from my hometown to Mariazell. Btw, if you are interested it seems that it happens all over the world, e.g. in Austria and Norway, Italy.