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Tasting Vienna – some new stuff in 2nd district….

June 29, 2012

As I recently moved to the second district of Vienna, I wanted to find nice places to go out. Fortunately, a lot of nice restaurants and cafes exist just around the corner. Eatalico is adapting the concepts of Vapiano the “Austrian-way”. The menu seems quite minimalistic on first sight, but it works due to the good quality of the dishes & ingredients.

For chilling outside during the day I recommend TeWa at the Karmelitermarkt, while for mild evenings Bunkerei at Augarten might be worth a visit.

Thinking about some Berlin-style cafe on a sleepy sunday? Then Fett+Zucker is right for you – selfmade cakes meets urban atmosphere at its best. Small can be beautiful!


Wine distributor Wein&Co in Vienna, Austria

March 6, 2010

As I’m working in Vienna, Wein&Co comes in handy to buy wine as it offers a broad range with respect to prices and brands/countries. You can try at least 6 different white/red ones and for 4 € extra you can drink every bottle from the shop in the bar and even get a bottle of water with it.

Till 30.3. they have a special offer – buy at least 6 bottles of white wine and get 6 pretty good white wine glasses with it for free.

See me there 🙂