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Suddenly, androidified!

March 15, 2011

After a year on iPhone 3G it was time for a change, so I got myself a ZTE Blade for about 150 € (no contract, unlocked). Although it comes with Android 2.1, stable updates to 2.2 and even 2.3 exists via MoDaCo. When not playing around with it too much the battery lasts for around 2 days (3 month old now), response time is fine for all apps tested (especially the often used navigation app) – even Angry Birds runs well 😉

Besides the standard apps on any smartphone like Skype, Facebook, etc. my favorite ones include

    Agenda Widget – upcoming appointments on your home screen
    Doodle – find an appointment for a group of people
    ÖAMTC Billig tanken – fuel prices around you
    GTasks – google task support
    qando – getting round in Austria via public transport

Via DoubleTwist my media files were easily migrated to my new phone and with the nice Eclipse integration I even think about developing an app for it – let’s see….