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Latest ebay experience – fake Lenovo P780A

February 4, 2015

Preparing for a long journey involves these days the search for a dual-sim mobile phone to be reachable via your normal mobile number and able to use local pre-paid data-sim-cards. The Lenovo P780A from the Spanish online reseller tecnolia24es via ebay with 5.0″ display at 1280×720 resolution and Octa-core CPU with 2GB RAM and up-to-date Android 4.4 seemed promising.

Catch 1: Out-of-bound payment option via bank transfer (first red light). So after several days no way to get the money back and no dispute option (like with paypal). Additionally, ebay terminated the ongoing transaction (second red light) – not telling me why! Result: No seller rating possible – the trust/reputation is the online currency and I’m now not even allowed to “contribute” to it.

Shipping time from Netherlands (why?) was more than 4 weeks. After the arrival of the phone, I quickly checked it and easily noticed the overall bad quality of the phone (cheap materials, slow, etc.) and that the information in “System Info” was hard-coded. AnTuTu Benchmark for Android did the rest. A fake mobile phone – can this really happen to me!?

I contacted the seller who was acting uninformed and offering money back after sending the phone back to China (third red light). Catch 2: Shipping to China took more than 6 weeks. So after 60 days ebay dispute option does not work anymore.

Overall result: after nearly 3 months overall transaction time – Nov 2014 til Jan 2015 – I still have not got my money back and tecnolia24es is not responding to my e-mails anymore.

Lesson learned: Even as an IT pro bad things can happen when doing online business transactions and ignoring early red lights (including late dispute opening)!