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Flexible NAS as Media Center and cloud sync?

April 5, 2013

Like most people, I got a Network Attached Storage (NAS) at home for my digital content like music, movies and pictures. My Buffalo Linkstation Live 1 TB was doing a good, but not very extensible/flexible job. I was looking for a solution supporting recent developments like cloud storage/sync, media center on-the-go and additional apps (webserver, etc.) if needed. The QNAP TS-112 chassis is doing the trick by supporting apps for the fabulous Plex Media Server as well as Google Drive via its QNAP app center just as we are used to from current smartphones.

This enables the following scenario: I can watch (via streaming) all my movies on any internet-connected device (like my HTC HD7) as well as share some digital content over the Plex Media Server with friends (allowing them typically read-only access). Google Drive data is directly synced to my NAS . Additionally, QNAP comes with a development toolkit for writing your own apps or extend existing ones.