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CAE Linux 2010 as VM

July 1, 2011

Due to my recent professional transition I’m looking into tools for industrial simulation. I found CAE Linux quite useful as it comes with a lot of the available open-source tool set for that purpose. Said that, I wanted to have a VM image of it – one preconfigured is available for CAE Linux 2008, but not for CAE Linux 210. So I downloaded the .iso file and tried to create a VM for VMPlayer 4. Although it seemed promising first, the guest OS – in this case Ubuntu 64 bit – didn’t start correctly. After playing around a while I switched my efforts to Virtual Box where it worked out of the box, unfortunately just with 640 x 480 resolution. Easy to fix with the Virtual Box Guest Extensions. The idea is to elaborated on combining the available industrial simulation tools with workflow technology such as Kepler or Meandre.